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Welcome to the Cricket Carnival, the biggest celebration of cricket and carnival in Guyana! Established in 2022, the Carnival is a two-week event hosted by the Government of Guyana and the local private sector. The event coincides with the country’s hosting of The Hero CaribbeanPremier League (CPL) semifinals and finals playoffs, providing visitors with an incrediblecelebration of all things Guyana.

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Since its establishment in 2013, CPL has been praised for its ability to combine two of the best aspects of Caribbean life: sports and entertainment. This year, with Destination Guyana primed and ready to showcase the best that she has to offer, fans and partners are in for a special treat with the Cricket Carnival. The inaugural Cricket Carnival in 2022 was a massive success, with over 40 events showcasing the best of local and regional talent and culture. The economic impact on the country was significant, with businesses across the country benefiting from the influx of tourists during September.

The Carnival is not just a celebration of cricket, but also a gateway to promote the development of tourism in Guyana. The events offer a range of activities that showcase Guyana’s diversity and multicultural society. The success of the event was not just limited to the cricket matches, but also to the ripple economic benefits felt by a number of businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

This year’s Cricket Carnival promises to be even bigger, with a dynamic and exciting lineup of events that will showcase the best of what Guyana has to offer. From packed cricket matches at the National Stadium, Providence to carnival events all across the country, visitors will enjoy music festivals, cultural shows, soca competitions, road march competitions, and organized tours.

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